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Abstract Lights

Directing and Producing

Below you'll find projects that I am currently working on and have previously worked on.

Directing and producing are new avenues of creativity that I'm starting to explore and hope to do more of in the future.

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Assistant Producer

Production support for THREE – an observational comedy about what it means to be human by Christie Peto. First performed at Dangerosity's Four Pairs of Shorts Festival in 2022, THREE has also recently been nominated for the SoHo Playhouse NYC’s International Fringe Encore Award following their run at Brighton Fringe.

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An over-enthusiastic feminist researcher emphatically digs into the quirks, and dangers, of 'Contraceptives'. GHASTLY is a fun, edgy new ‘work in progress’ show about the hidden side effects of contraceptives - devised around a dozen interviews with women of different backgrounds. It is written and performed by Rosina Aichner. A VAULTS festival transfer to the Bread and Roses theatre.

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Assistant Director

Part of TSMGO's Month of Marlowe following their acclaimed run of Shakespeare's First Folio all done via Zoom as a response to the lack of live theatre during the pandemic with casts from around the world.

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